I bought this photo [anonymous, The Fashion Show, 1961] in Manchester last winter because we’d made this bet: when we met, we’d lay our best game and worst nightmare on the table. So. Here we go, and remember it well! This is my BEST GAME. Always has been. And don’t go asking WHY again. There’s no BECAUSE.


And this is my WORST NIGHTMARE – I bought this photo in Manchester, too [Hulton Getty, 2001]. I lay it on the table and leave. No no no… I don’t even want to joke about being left so…all alone.
foto best film



Dalton Trumbo’s masterpiece Johnny Got his Gun – nothing whatsoever to do with the above bet – is my BEST EVER film.





And this – apropos of nothing – is my CHINESE DAD. The doll isn’t mine. One day, I gathered up ALL my dolls, wrapped them in coloured paper, sat them in a box and put them in the attic. MOTHER threw them away! So I heard. One day when she was CLEANING! They told me.
But after that, I won’t ever go searching for Celestina in the attic.
We said: “I don’t believe in life after death” but, as Woody says, I’m taking a change of underwear with me just in case.






I spent a tough time in my life photographing scarecrows. All over Greece. Then I flew away from them. Just like the birds.